.CQ is a cloud-based web service for analyzing C# software source code. It is on the one hand based on well established, scientifically verified methods, and on the other hand makes code quality measuring and monitoring easy-to-use, flexible, and affordable. Furthermore, it provides a way of correlating custom company data with these findings, thus making the service as valuable and useful for accounting as it is to software developers. Learn more about .CQ, how it can improve your code, supports your managerial accounting, and consequently helps in reducing your project costs.

-- As of now, .CQ is in a very early development phase. A first version (for C#) will be available around the middle of 2014. --

Increase Developer Productivity

Quickly pinpoint problematic source code locations for taking selective action on them and thus systematically and effectively raise the value of your codebase.
Correlate your company-specific data with the code's quality measurements to better control business success and to fine-tune your development process.

Raise the Project's ROI

Controlling and raising the intrinsic quality of your software project means lowering its maintenance costs (in the long run) as well as lowering the danger of defects (on the short-term side).
In sum: It will significantly axe costs, reduce risk, and thus raise ROI.

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As the .CQ project is in a very early phase, many things are still open and in flux.
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Tell us what you think

.CQ will widely incorporate customer and community feedback to build a product that is really useful to you. So tell us about your problems, about your experiences (good or bad), and about everything else that might seem relevant to you. It's highly appreciated. You can do this in various different ways: By commenting directly on the respective page, by joining the discussion in the message forum, or by doing a quick survey.