To answer some of the most likely questions that you may have, we compiled a list in the popular FAQ questions and answers format.

Please understand this list as an ongoing effort which is responsive towards your feedback. You can influence the content of this page by leaving a comment, taking the survey, or by forum discussions.

What is .CQ ?

There is not yet any product. So why this web site ?

When will .CQ be available ?

How can I give feedback ?

In short, what's the principal motivation behind .CQ ?

Can you briefly outline what .CQ does ?

What are the intended users of .CQ ?

What are the typical use cases for .CQ ?

What programming languages will .CQ support ?

What is the business concept behind .CQ ?

What will be the pricing scheme of .CQ ?

Who are the people behind .CQ ?

What's this thing with code quality ?

What's in a name ?

What will be the overall architecture of .CQ ?

What are the math and assumptions behind the Online Calculator ?

I don't have the project size in man-years at hand, but only in Lines of Code or Function Points. How can I get the corresponding time value ?

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